BodiBronze Spray Tans

Friday, February 22, 2013

Spray Tans Should Not Be Obvious!

One of the best things about BodiBronze Sunless Spray Tans is they truly are custom. Spray tans should not be one size fits all colors and/or applications. Which is why so many people experience issues with spray booths. Some of our clients come in and say "I want a spray tan so that I don't look pale, but I don't actually want anyone to know that I have a spray tan." those clients are looking for a natural result...not a snookylicious or over-the-top obvious tan. We also have clients that want dark, luxurious vacation looking tans...without looking unnatural or orange of course! BodiBronze Sunless Spa can deliver both of those results and anything in between! Spray tans will not look the same on everyone, so keep in mind they start with your skin type and pigment and they go from there so do not expect that you and your friend will look the same if you both come in for a natural-medium color but have two different skin tones to start with.