BodiBronze Spray Tans

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Do You Have Dry Skin?

 Dry Skin Can Impact 
Your Spray Tan!

So why do we ask you not to apply lotion before coming in??? 

This is because we cannot control the types of lotions people use and some lotions can create a barrier on the skin that will not allow the tanning solution to penetrate through. Also, uneven applications of lotion can cause uneven results in the spray tan. Do you apply exactly the right amount of lotion to every part of your body, every time? Can you reach the middle of your back? Well... we can!!  So we ask you to avoid lotion before coming in and start all of our Custom Airbrush Sprays with a Normalizing Treatment that adds a light moisturizer and balances out the pH levels of the skin.  This treatment helps to lightly moisturize the skin giving us a neutral, even primer before we get started. 

But if you have dryer skin, that moisturizer may not be enough. So what can you do? Add our Moisture Lock/Anti Aging Treatment to your regimen. Our Moisture Lock/Anti Aging Treatment is jam packed with Vitamins A, C and E. This treatment is applied in the room, after the tanning solution. The Moisture Lock Treatment locks the moisture into the skin and helps to nourish the skin while your tan is processing. And those same vitamins, anti-oxidants and botanicals act as Anti-Aging emollients replenishing and restoring your skin. Its a great treatment that will not only enhance the look of your tan but also extend the life of your tan! The Moisture Lock/Anti Aging Treatment will aid in the natural fading process as it reduces the look of "crackling" some clients notice with dryer skin.

What else can you do to prepare your dry skin
 before your spray tan session?
We also instruct you to exfoliate your skin prior to coming in for your spray tan session so that we are not applying the spray onto dead skin cells that are getting ready to flake off. This exfoliation step is so important as it gives us a fresh cycle of skin to work with. Skin that is not properly exfoliated prior to your session can cause the tan to look uneven (as it takes differently to the dryer/dead skin cells) and will greatly lessen the amount of time the tan will last on your skin.  

Be sure to click here for a list of pre-care instructions so you can 
properly prepare your skin before each session. 

What can you do for your dry skin after 
your spray tan session?
**It is important that you do not apply any products on the skin while your tan is processing so wait until after you have taken your first rinse off shower before applying anything on the skin**  

Immediately after your initial rinse off shower you will want to start applying body lotion to maintain the best results of your spray. For Dry Skin Clients it is essential to apply lotion 2-3 times a day. We recommend our BodiBasicz Daily Moisturizer© to maintain the results of your spray and to treat dry skin.

Be sure to ask your certified BodiBronze Certified Technician how the Moisture Lock/Anti-Aging solution can benefit you!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Original Solution or Quick Spray, how do you choose?

How Do You Choose Which Solution To Use?  

The best way to choose is based on your schedule. Both of the solutions will deliver the same color depths and will last the same amount of time on your skin, so take a look at your schedule and determine which solution will work best for your day.  

BodiBronze Original Solution must be kept on the skin for at least 12 hours. During those 12 hours you must avoid water and products on the skin. That means no washing your hands or face, sweating or getting wet while the solution is processing on your skin until you take your first rinse off shower. Your technician will spray you the exact color depth you want to achieve - so there is no guessing on when to shower.  Be careful NOT to leave the solution on your skin for much longer than 12 hours if you can arrange it.  Getting into 18-24 hours of development will not get you any tanner.  And could in fact, be detrimental to the spray tan causing patchiness from any oil buildup on your skin

BodiBronze Quick Spray Solution was created for convenience, it is higher concentrated solution that lets you rinse the solution off within the first 1-4 hours after being sprayed. The color depth of the quick spray is determined on how soon you wash the solution off of your skin.  Typically, 1-2 hours will result in a Light Sun-Kissed tone, 2-3 hours will result in a Medium Natural Tan tone and 3-4 hours will result in a Dark, deep vacation tan tone.  Be careful NOT to exceed 4 hours in this solution as it may over-process and cause issues with the tan.  Your technician will tell you exactly when to rinse off to achieve your desired color depth, so there is no guessing on your part! After your rinse off shower you are able to go about your day washing your hands, applying products, etc.

Some of our clients find they prefer one over the other but the majority of our clients go back and forth depending on their schedule. Be sure to try them both!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

How long does it last?

How long will my spray tan last before it fades??

The answer to that question has more to do with you and your skin than the solutions being used. This is because a spray tan is sprayed onto the top layer of your skin which is made up mostly of dead skin cells. These dead skin cells slowly flake off of your skin every day and your skin naturally exfoliates itself every 7-10 days. Which is why most spray tans will last up to 7-10 days. There are definitely things you can do to make sure that you get at least 7-10 days, if not more, out of your spray tan sessions.
  • Start with a great exfoliation before EVERY spray tan service. The exfoliation will help to remove as many dead skin cells, giving you a fresh new cycle of skin to apply the solution onto. We recommend using BodiScrubz Exfoliating Creme© before every session with us. Be sure to avoid sugar, salt or oil based scrubs prior to your spray tan service as those types of scrubs tend to leave a residue on the skin that can effect the results of your tan.
  • You also want to take care of any shaving, waxing, manicure and pedicure services prior to your spray tan as those services will exfoliate and break down the spray tan causing it to fade or possibly even remove the spray tan.
  • Avoid lotion, makeup, perfume and deodorant before your spray tan service. Lotions, makeup, perfume and deodorant can create a barrier on your skin that will not allow the solution to penetrate to the skin. Deodorant can also cause your cosmetic tanners to turn green when the chemicals in the deodorant mix with the chemicals of the solution. (However, after development, this should not result in a green result during the life of the spray tan).  That being said, if your deodorant is causing a green tint to the cosmetic tanners, imagine what it's doing to your spray tan!
  • Once your spray tan has finished processing and you have showered it off we recommend applying BodiBasicz Daily Moisturizer© 2-3 times a day to keep the skin moist and conditioned. If you do not use a good moisturizer on your skin, it will become dry and your spray tan will fade a lot quicker. You may even see a "crackling" affect on the skin if it is not moisturized properly. Add a Moisture Lock/Anti Aging treatment which is applied during your service to give your skin vitamins and anti-oxidants to lock in moisture and refresh the skin. This treatment is beneficial to everyone but is a MUST for all that have dry skin.

    Finally, remember that your spray tan is sitting on delicate skin so be gentle. Using a lot of soap or going in chlorine or salt water will be very drying on your skin and thus exfoliate the tan off of the skin a lot faster. Also, excessive sweating or rubbing of tight clothes can definitely exfoliate the tan off a lot quicker than normal. Pat dry when getting out the shower/tub and avoid washcloths and loofa's in the shower/tub while the spray tan in on your skin. 

    Is there anyway to get more than 7-10 days from a spray tan?
     Yes! If you want more than 7-10 days from your tan, use at home maintenance products that can extend the life of your tan for weeks.
  • BodiExtendz Bronzing Moisturizer©  is a higher concentrated professional-grade bronzing lotion can extend your tan for days - weeks by applying it daily until you reach your desired tan and than every other day to maintain that depth of tan. BodiExtendz© can also build a tan at home without a spray tan service.
  • BodiBlendz Touch Up Spray© is great to keep hands, feet and face full of color. It can also be used to fill in or add a touch of color to any area until your next spray.
  • BodiCleanz© pH Balancing Body Wash is a great gentle cleanser to use before, during and after your spray tan for longest lasting and more evenly distributed bronzed tan. It's pH Balancing qualities helps to prevent orange tans, prepares skin to receive sunless solutions, and defends against blotching during fading.
Good Luck and Happy Spray Tanning!  :)

Friday, April 5, 2013

It's Prom Season!

Don’t waste your time tanning in beds or turning orange in the spray booths.
1 session with us is all you need for a custom, flawless bronze in just 15 minutes!
We recommend coming in two days before prom and don't forget to schedule any wax, nail and pedicure appointments before you get your spray tan.