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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Don't get caught like Kim K!

Kim, Kim, Kim (SMH) 

We all know that Kim K is an avid spray tanner but don't get caught like Kim...chances are her palms did not get sprayed by an airbrush technician and rather came from touching her own skin or applying a sunless tanning lotion herself.

Always remember when applying sunless tanning lotions to yourself to keep a wet washcloth near by so you can wipe your palms as you go. Or opt for applying your sunless tanning lotions to yourself with plastic gloves on to protect your hands.

Also, if you get sprayed with the Original solution and keep it on while you sleep consider wearing long sleeves and long pants to bed...that way if you are touching your skin while you sleep you do not transfer the tan onto your palms.

Just some more important tips from your BodiBronze Babes!

Call and book your appointment with a professional, certified BodiBronze Technician today and be sure to leave your appointment educated and equipped to get the best results from your airbrush every time!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer Time!!!

Don't forget as we enter into summer...

If your favorite color in winter was medium you may need to make some adjustments for the summer. Each spray tan builds from your base color so in the winter when your are pale and you choose a medium color depth it will look different when you apply that same color on skin that has some base tan from the natural sun.
A lot of clients like to step down one color depth for the winter and during summer bump it up so be sure to consider those things when coming in for your summer sprays and communicate any changes with your technician!

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Monday, June 3, 2013


Did you see us on the Man Cow in the Morning Show?? What a wild experience! We got to spray tan two people live on his show Friday morning and stayed for a second taping for their Memorial Day Show! What a fun and crazy experience, he has such an awesome staff! His audience is mostly men and it got us thinking how important it is to spread the word to our female clientele that spray tanning is NOT just for bring in your men!

Today, as men become more comfortable with spa treatments like waxing, they're also becoming more comfortable with spray tanning. It seems like more and more men are booking regular appointments with their spray tan artists.
So with that in mind, spread the word to the men in your lives! Here are a few tips to the guys so you can take care of  your bronzed complexion and make it last:
  • Get rid of those dead skin cells by exfoliating regularly. If you spray tan without exfoliating, you might end up with a streaky or blotchy tan or a tan that easily fades because your skin renews itself regularly. It is best that the solution reacts with new skin which will give your spray tan a longer lease. We recommend using BodiScrubz© Exfoliating Creme for the best results.
  • Don't forget to moisturize! Lotion two - three times a day with BodiBasicz© Exfoliating Creme for the best results. Daily Moisturizer to keep your tan conditioned and lasting it's longest!
  • We also want to be sure that men are aware that we do require they wear some sort of bottom during their session. When choosing a bottom be sure you pick something smaller than your swim trunks or baggy gym shorts so you do not have obvious tan lines when you go to the pool or beach this summer. 
Give us a call and set up your appointment today!

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