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Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Break Spray Tanning

Tips For Getting A Spray Tan Before Your Vacation

Before your spray:
Be sure to schedule your manicures and pedicures and waxing treatments prior to getting your airbrush for vacation. This is because they tend to use products that are exfoliating and oil based, both of which can exfoliate or break down your spray tan. We also recommend that you get your spray the day before you are leaving to assure that you do not fade before you leave for your trip. If you have never done a spray tan before, you may want to consider doing a trial at least two weeks prior to your trip date so you are comfortable with your tanning color depth choice on the trip.  (Remember its okay to go a little darker than usual on vacations!)
During your spray:
When getting sprayed for a vacation we highly recommend "less is best" when choosing what to wear during your session. You often wear several different swimming suites on vacation and you would hate to have an ugly tan line that doesn't quite match up with each suite. If you are comfortable go completely nude for vacation sprays and/or consider wearing just a small thong or g string that will give the smallest lines possible.
After your Spray:
Remember a sunless spray tan WILL NOT protect you from the sun so sunscreen is necessary! Try using an oil free sunscreen to preserve the quality of your tan. Also, remember things like chlorine and salt water will dry out your skin and will exfoliate your tan off quicker than usual fading. We recommend that you rinse off with water as much as possible so that the salt water and/or chlorine are not sitting on the skin. Replenish your skin with lotion to keep it moisturized and be sure to bring maintenance products along on your trip. BodiExtendz Bronzing Moisturizer, is the perfect product to take along. Applying this tinted lotion in the evenings will freshen up your color and maintain the results throughout your vacation.
And most of all ENJOY your trip and remember if you didn't get as much sun as you hoped for during your vacation you can always come back to visit us as soon as you return and we can give you the vacation worthy look you can brag about!

Need a Touch Up?

Have you been looking for a product that can be used at home to "touch up" your spray tan in between sessions? Well look no more.....BodiBlendz® Touch Up Spray is a "must have" for spray tanners. This little bottle of awesomeness will keep your tan flawless at home. BodiBlendz® is made up of the same solution you are sprayed with in our rooms with a lower concentration of DHA. This product was created for the hands and face, because those are the two places that fade the quickest. This product will give you a tint of color to blend your color when areas fade quicker than others. This product can also be used all over the body and is not limited for just hands and face...use it to fill tan lines or add an extra bump of color to specific areas. BodiBlendz® Touch Up Spray provides immediate, streak-free results. Perfect for touching up faded areas, or for that sun-kissed glow-on-the go.

BodiBasicz Daily Moisturizer

The most recent product we added to our line is BodiBasicz® Daily Moisturizer and it is a growing customer favorite!  BodiBasicz® Daily Moisturizer is jam packed full of vitamins and organic moisturizers to nourish skin, leaving you feeling soft and replenished with its anti aging formula.  Organic Aloe, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Cocoa Seed Butter, Sweet Orange Seed Oil, Shea Butter and Grape Seed Oil are just some of the amazing ingredients in this luxurious lotion. BodiBasicz® will whisk you away to paradise when you smell its "Tropicolata" scent, so you will have no trouble applying this lotion 2-3 times a day to maintain the perfect color after your custom airbrush spray!

BodiBronze Coupon: Living Social

 BodiBronze is back with another Living Social! This is our second time on Living Social and we are proud to announce we had a 100% positive feedback from our last promotion! We are pleased to see that you were all so happy with your experience at our salon. We look forward to seeing some of our returning clients and meeting some new faces! Please pass on the word about our awesome promotion on Living Social. One Full Body Original Custom Airbrush Spray Tan for just $17!!!
This price includes our Normalizing (prep spray) and includes any color depth from light, medium, dark or anything in between. The promotion is good through July 18, 2013 get them while the offer lasts, they are going fast!